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The North American Rat Registry (NARR) is a registry for fancy rats in the United States and Canada. The NARR records individual rats as well as litters, and all varieties of fancy rats are welcome for registration. Included in the registry is an extensive database with information on more than 28,500 North American fancy rats, making it the largest and fastest-growing rat registry in North America.

Members have unlimited access to view not only those rats registered but their ancestors as well. Database information includes: ancestors, siblings, half siblings, registration numbers, dates of birth, dates of death (if supplied), offspring, and health notes.

NARR does not hold shows or maintain breed standards. It is for rats (Rattus norvegicus) only (no other rodents) for the purpose of permanently recording and storing information about animals for easy retrieval by its members. It is maintained by a group of dedicated people with the goal of providing members with the most complete, detailed and correct information available anywhere. NARR registry and database are invaluable tools for serious breeders and pet lovers, alike. If you would like to volunteer to be part of the NARR team, email us and let us know!

NARR accepts titles and terminology from the following recognized clubs: AFRMA, ARC, RatsPacNW, RSA, and URSA. RMFE titles are also included in the NARR database, but are unconfirmed. NFRS terminology is also recognized by NARR.


NOTICE: We are regularly receiving messages regarding contract disputes, concerns about the welfare of animals, concerns about the practices of various people, and so forth. Please realize the NARR is a registry ONLY. We do not arbitrate contract disputes, between members or otherwise. We are also not legally or physically able to investigate the practices of any members of the NARR as far as animal care.

While we share the concern of those who contact us for the welfare of animals such concerns need to be brought to local authorities (SPCA, Humane Societies, Animal Control, and so forth are good sources to locate licensed investigators who are in the area and can legally investigate any concerns of neglect or cruelty.)

Membership in NARR should not be taken as an endorsement of any breeder or their practices. It only indicates that they are currently a member of the database, able to access it and submit animals to be part of it. While we will deny or terminate membership of anyone who is convicted of animal neglect or cruelty we are unable to otherwise act as the "rat police." (Though if you know of a member who has been convicted of such, then absolutely contact us about it!)

It is important for anyone to independently question and investigate any breeder before deciding to work with them, and if your ethics align with theirs. There are some wonderful breeders out there, both part of NARR and not, but there are also questionable breeders out there as well. Please take the time to always get to know who you are working with before you work with them. It is up to each of us as individuals to decide who we wish to support and work with and who to avoid and report if needed.

Again, PLEASE if you ever have any concerns about the welfare of animals, their treatment, care, and so forth, contact your local licensed humane investigators immediately so that the situation can be dealt with. (And get involved locally to help work towards better animal welfare laws to protect all of our animals!)

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