Features of the database:

If you are new to the database here are some ideas for efficient searching.

  • Search for rats based on rattery prefix.  Performing a fast search by prefix will bring up all the rats bred by that rattery, and if that rattery uses a suffix, it will also include rats owned by that individual.
  • By clicking on breeding info you will have access to the siblings, half siblings, and offspring of that rat. This is why it is important to include DOBs when registering rats, so they are properly linked to related rats.
  • Pedigree with links returns a pedigree that links to the ancestors' pedigrees.  You could search back many generations by clicking through a rat's lineage.
  • Pedigree without links returns a printable pedigree.
  • If you are thinking of purchasing a rat for breeding and want to see what that rat's pedigree looks like with one of your own, click trial pedigree.


Remember that information will only show up if it has been submitted.  There may be other offspring, siblings, or half siblings that are not registered.  To ensure information is available...register with the NARR!

Requires Login and Password.

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