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Welcome to the Forms section of the NARR Website. With this most recent website revision, the forms should be easier to understand and easier to fill out.

Membership is not required to register rats with NARR, however membership can potentially save a significant amount of money for those who register many rats. Gold or Gold Plus Membership is recommended for most breeders, while other membership levels are suitable for pet owners.

In order to view and print most of the forms from this site, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat or another PDF viewer installed. Acrobat is recommended for all features of the forms to operate correctly. An alternative to Acrobat is Foxit Reader or Editor.


Almost all pdf forms may now be filled out "on-screen."
From there, you can print, sign, and mail all forms unless you have made other arrangements. We are more than happy to work with people, and as long as a signature is included, we accept pdfs via email. You can save NARR forms as pdfs after you fill them out if you are using either Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader. Just save and send! Any questions? Let us know and we're happy to assist!

Follow the links in the menu to the left to find the forms you are looking for. It is recommended that instead of viewing the PDF files on this site in your browser, that you right-click and select "save" and download each file to your computer. Some individuals have reported problems with the files not loading completely in the browser, and this appears to be a connection issue with larger files (and happens more often with those on dial-up), as there seem to be no errors within the files themselves.

NARR now has a new policy to better help breeders!

Registrations are now accepted for pedigreed rats which have (or had) genetic problems, for free, whether the rat is alive or deceased. If you had a rat which, for example, had a tumor, you can register that rat for free with the NARR whether you are a member or not.

Simply complete the individual registration form (or the litter member form if the rat happened to be from a litter previously registered with NARR), and note in the "Health/Temperament notes" field the problem(s) the rat has/had. Include as much information on the rat as possible such as DOB, DOD, sire, dam, breeder, etc.

This is for genetic or probable genetic problems only. For example, tumors, chronic respiratory illness, allergy problems, neural defects, etc are "probable genetic problems." Broken legs, injured tails, ripped ears, and common illnesses and injuries are NOT included in this free registration. This information may still be submitted to the registry for rats with paid or prepaid registrations.

For help with forms or to report site problems, or for general NARR inquiries, please contact:

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