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Welcome to the Members Only area of the NARR.  Various member only features will be added to this page over time.  Currently the official studbooks can be accessed via the links to the left.

Fax Number: We do not currently accept via fax.

The NARR is now adding photos to entries!  Rats which have a photo entry will display a link [Photo] in their links section.  Click to view the photo submitted.  To submit a photo for one of your rats simply attach a .jpg file to an email with PHOTO SUBMISSION in the subject line.  Name the file with the rats entire name such as XXXexample (prefix all caps, name all lower case)  Only one photo per rat permitted.  It is suggested that you use an adult photo for this reason. Select a photo which you feel represents the rat best.  Full body photos preferred but not required.  Email to info@ratregistry.org to submit your photos.

Tip:  Some breeders have been adding Pet to the registered name of non-breeding rats.   For example XXX Pet Molly.  They feel this further implies that the animal is not for breeding and helps them keep track when searching through the database to recognize the ones placed in pet only homes.

Tip: Health updates are sent to the registry all the time.  Before you decide on a breeding, look up the potential sire and dam in the database and check for any health updates on the lines.  Remember there are siblings, half siblings, and more that may be important for you to know about prior to any breeding.  The registry is to help us breed better rats! 

Do you have a tip to share?  Email info@ratregistry.org 

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