The North American Rat Registry has appointed a Research Coordinator whose job it is to find missing records and be sure the records in the database and registry are as accurate as possible. We want to be sure there are no typos, incorrect information, false pedigrees, missing pedigrees, etc, and our always grateful to anyone that can assist with this ongoing and difficult task. Some information, understandably, we may never be able to retrieve, but we will keep this page updated as best we can. If you would like to help, or have information to share, or know how to get in touch with one of the breeders we've been unable to get in touch with, please contact us at It is members like you that are responsible for making NARR a success!


Remember that information will only show up if it has been submitted.  There may be other offspring, siblings, or half siblings that are not registered.  To ensure information is available...register with NARR!

While we can't always fill in all the information for every rat in the database, gathering information like dates of birth, health information, dates of death, and causes of death will provide the best resource possible, so we encourage members (even those no longer active) to provide this information and keep records updated. Incomplete litter registrations are another we strongly advise be thorough for the most complete picture on a breeding line. Of course, broken pedigrees, duplicate names, incorrect genotypic colors and types, etc. are also a problem. Again, we turn to our membership, past and present, to help eliminate these issues. While we have been able to get in touch with many breeders and clear up incorrect information, and fill in some missing pieces, there are many breeders and information on their lines that we have not been so successful with. If you have information on pedigrees from the following breeders, or better yet, a way to contact those breeders, please let us know! We are proud of the accuracy of our database, and look to further strengthen the information it holds. Thank you all!
Note: Not all of those ratteries listed below are/have been members of NARR. Still, there are rats in the database with their prefixes that are part of pedigrees from rats owned or bred by NARR members. This is simply a complete list of breeders we are missing some information from, and would either like to contact direct or contact those with first hand knowledge of their lines. Thanks!

3GR - 3 Girls Rattery K. Lampson Reiff , WA
6H - 6th Happiness Rattery A. Di Gangi, IL

AAR - All About Rats Rattery J. O'Brien
AG - Amphigorey Rattery
J. Eisenhardt, FL

ALP - Ape's Little Paws
A. Smith, FL
ALR - Amber Light Rattery A. Schindler
AMR - Absolute Mischief Rattery J. Strabley, OH
AP - Angel Paws Rattery
S. Sprague, CA
AR - Aristorats
S. Skilling, IL
AVR - Avalon Rattery B. Meyers, ID
AZR - A to Z Rattery
R. Royce

BAR - Big Apple Rattery
T. De La Hoz, NY
BB - Brooklyn's Best
J. Thomas, NY
BFF - Bonnie's Friendly Furries  B. Walters

BH - Birch Hill Rattery P. Whipple
BHR - Blue Heaven Rattery S. Seidman, PA
BK - Bella Karm Rats H. Sciscoe, IN
BLER - Blazing Elm Rattery S. Tipsword, IL
BLSP - Bluespirit Rattery J. Herena, CA
BM - Birdman's
BOR - Bumpy Oak Rattery S. Marshall, MD
BR - Blue Ridge Rattery R. Behrends, WA
BRAC - Bedlam Rats and Cats Rattery K. Osborn, MO
bRatpack - bRatpack Rattery T. York
BRWF - Bear Wolf Rats B. Twogood, TX
BSR - Blue Shuze Rattery C. Lawton, CA

CAF - Critters and Friends T. Shahroody, CA
CAR - Cheesy Acres Rattery M.
CBBR - Barefoot Babies Rattery C. Copeland, OH
CCR - Cathi's Critters Rattery C. Mansfield
CCR1 - Critter Crew Rats C. Tew
CDR - Crittersden Rattery M. Crittendon
CELT - CeltiCritters Rattery K. Wolf, OH (also bred as PIRR - PiRattery)
CMHR - Chrissy Harrison's Rats C. Harrison,
CNR - Canon Rattery P., GA
CR1 - Catalyst Rattery S.
CRR1 - Cinnarat Rattery D. Jones, TX
CTR - Charming Tails Rattery C. Swetnam, CO
CURR - Curly Rats Rattery C., PA
CVF - Colony at Valley Forge L.

D61 - Dimension 6011 Rattery I., WA
Dagmar - Dagmar C. Casteels, Belgium
Darkstar - Darkstar M. Goulder
DINK - Shinkelydinks Sunrise Rats K. Stanley, CO
DP - Dancing Pines D. Potter
DRP - Dancing Rodents Parade H. Pembroke

ECR - Enchanting Companions C. Solis
EH - Emerald Hill Rattery
K. Barber, CA
EVWD - Everwild Rattery
S. Walker, NY
EZK - Exotic Zoo Keeper
M. Frick, PA

FAR - Family Affair Ratz
A. Schultz, CA
FFR - Figit's Friends Rattery
N. Goulet, NH
FLY - Ratterfly Rattery
J. McMorran, CA
FP - Fur People
L. Sinclair, CA
FUZZ - Fuzzy Misfits Rattery
C. Maresic

GCRR - GoCrow Royal Rattery A. Crow, MO
GD - Green Dream
T. Leppens, Netherlands
GSR - Gottaspoilem Rattery
GTWR - Gateway Rattery
M. Usdan

Halcyon - Halcyon L. Grove, Suffolk
HFLR - Haskell's Furry Little Rascals
G. Greggs, NJ
HRH - Hand Raised Hamsters
A., MN
HSTR - Historic Rattery
C. Johnson
HTR - Happy Tails Rattery
B., TX

JMS - Remarkable Rodents M. Andrews, CA

KB - KB Rattery K. Brown
KC - Kemmere's Critters
B., OH
KDR - KeelzDragonz Rattery
D. Keel, OH
KK - Karen's Kritters
K. Robbins
KRR - Kandal Rats Rattery
J. Kandal, MI
KTR - Knights Tail Rattery
N. Knight, RI
KTZ - Khat's Ratz
A. Khat, OR

L7 - Lucky Seven Rattery J. Smith
LDR - Little Dickens Rattery
J. McKinley
LISC - Liscoonvarna
L. Lindenthaler, CO
LL - Lizzie's Lovelies
L. Stauffer
LM - Lil' Munchkins
G. Hendricks, CA
LN - Little Noses
J. Stinner, PA
LRR - Lil Rugrats
J. Flores, CA
LS - Little Squeaks
S. Wisner
LSRN - Lonestar Rats of North TX
G. Patman, TX

MAD - Mad Ratter Rat Ranch E. Fisher
MAR - Marwin Rattery
S. Kaminski
MCR1 - Merry Critters Rattery
M. Thumley
MES - MES Rattery
M. Stratton
MHR - Mead Hall Rattery
K. Shannon
Milo - Milo Stud
S. Stevens, England
MLR - Mount Lehman Rattery
MMR - Making Mischief Rattery
L. Jones
MN - Mixed Nuts
B. Cummings
MNM - Mischief N' Mayhem
B. Jones
MNRR - Mini Rebels Rattery
T. Weisenberg
MRC - Minnesota Rat Connection
A. Richards, MN
MSR - Moonsong
J. Moon
MUS - Mus Mus
M. Synder
MW - Mike Wilson
M. Wilson

NA - Naarah's Ark N. Finegold
NNR - Nicki's Rug-Rats Rattery
N. Bussell, OH
NT - Norma Talbot
N. Talbot
NWSSR - Northwest Silver Star Rodentry
J. Wade

OFR - Odd Fellows Rattery D. Needham
ORRJ - Orbis Rattus Rattery
J. Judkins, NC

PA - Precious Angels P. Sutcliffe
PBR - Phi Beta Rattery
C. Robinson, CA
Pegasus - Pegasus
K. O'Sullivan, England
Pendragon - Pendragon
S. Brown, Hampshire
PMR - PMR Rattery
P. Robeson
PPR - Peaches Pack Rats
J. Domingo, CA
PSTR - Prospect Street Rattery
S. Tinsley, WA
PWRR - Pixies World Rattery
M. Hubbard
PX4 - PaintX4 Rats
R. Farias, CA

RAM - RunAmok S. Preston, FL
RAR - Raisin' Rats Rattery
M. Ruud, MI
Rattenfanger - Rattenfanger
C. Arundel, United Kingdom
RB - Rattie Babies Rattery
T. Quinn, OH
RCR - Rat Crazy Ratter
M. McCullough
RDR - Rainy Day Rattery
L. Hale
RF - Ratty Friends
K. Davis
RG - Rat Genesis
K. Perez, CA
RH - Raffinhouse Rattery
A. Halm, OH
RHR - Raven's Heart
L. Micheletti, IL
RI - Rattison Inn
D. Taylor
Rivendell - Rivendell
A. Storey, United Kingdom
RMAX - Rattius Maximus
C. Knight, TX
RMG - Rocky Mountain Gems Rattery
H. Zahorka, CO
RMRR - Ratta Muffin Rattery
R. Foxx
RnR - Rat n' Rave Rattery
T. George, MI
Rogue - Rogue's Rattery
B., MI
Rowengate - Rowengate
L. Vance, Essex
RR - Richland Rats
J. Calcagno
RR1 - Rampant Rodents
B. Larkins
RRLM - Ratz Realm
H. Whealser, WA
RRNM - Raining Rats New Mexico
B. Lorbeke, NM
RRRA - Raining Rats Rattery and Adopt
J. Wright, CO
RTR - RatTopia
D. Payne
RVR - River Rats
C. Bordeau, OH
RWR - Rosewood Rattery
R. Holmes
RZ - RizzRatz
J. Kroll

SAND - Sandman Rats E. Grinnell
SAS - Sugar and Spice Exotic Pets
M. Alameda
SKR - Skaredy Kat Rats
S. Alperin
SOL - Soleil Rattery
D. Flowers, IL
SPR - Spiralrat Rattery
B. Ashton, WA
SRSR - Super Rat Society Rattery
STR - StellaRat
J. Frutos, MD
STUD - Stud Muffins Rattery
A. Macgum

Tarots - Tarot Rats N. Royer
TBM - TerBriaMon
Tennyson - Tennyson
G. Mobbs, United Kingdom
THSL - Thistle
D. Gibson
TRM - The Rats Meow
M. Danhay, CO
TRR - Tavares Royal Rattery
C. Tavares, FL
TTR - Tiny Toes Rattery
N. Stott
TYR - Tina Young's Rattery
T. Young, OH

UCVR - Under Cover Rattery M. Gomez

Valhalla - Valhalla J. Oliver, United Kingdom
VRMN - Viking Rat and Mouse Nest
H. Pembroke

WF - Warm Fuzzies M. Osborn
WHIM - Whimsical Rats Rattery
T. Clark, CA
WILD - Wildfires Rodentry
WR - The Whole Rat Rattery
D. McCammon
WWR - Whispering Wise
A. Niemi

YOTR - Year of the Rat NJ

ZNM - ZebnMe J. Harding, ME

When you send your rat's information in, be sure to include their complete names and birthdays, as well as being careful to correct "typos." The program uses the dates, along with parents' names, to show which rats are siblings, and it cannot detect possible errors. Also, if you are not sure who bred a rat, ask the person you got it from; this information is very important for you and for other breeders. There is an extensive list of breeders' prefixes at The Ratster if you have any doubt as to which prefix to use for a rat you got from someone else. If you have any questions or can offer help with this research, don't hesitate to email us - that's what we're here for!

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