• To obtain litter numbers, both parents must be NARR registered as breedable prior to submitting the litter number application.
  • Rats must be registered by the owner at the time of registration. Transfer forms can only be submitted once the rat has received a registration number.
  • Prefix for litters can only be assigned for members with registered prefixes.
  • Rats with no known ancestors can not be registered with a prefix. You may, however, attach a suffix. ex: Sunny XXX or Sunny of XXX
  • Registered rats must have a unique name. No two rats in the registry will have the same exact name (this includes prefix). XXX Sunny and XYZ Sunny are acceptable. Sunny and Sunny I are acceptable.
  • Breeders can choose whether rats are breeding or pet only quality by selecting the Pet Only sex on registration forms.  Offspring of pet only rats will not be granted registration.
  • Once registered, rat names cannot be changed, this includes the addition or removal of a suffix.
  • Terminology of registrations must be from a recognized rat organization either as a standardized or provisional term. NARR does not maintain standards, but consistency in naming is a must in order for genetic combinations to reach across general users.
  • Forms must be filled out in their entirety. If any information is requested on the form, but is unknown, please indicate that right on the form. It is impossibly time consuming to have to contact every person that leaves a piece of information off of their form to see if the reason was because the information was unknown or just forgotten.

Co-Breedings - NARR allows breeders to conduct co-breedings where one or more breeders are listed as the breeder of a particular rat or litter.  The correct Co-breeder litter number application must be used.

  • The primary breeder is the owner of the dam at the time of conception.
  • Two prefixes can be given in the case of a co-breeding such as XXX YYY Sunny in those cases the primary breeder is XXX rattery and the co-breeder is YYY rattery. Both breeders must be members with registered prefixes.
  • Litter numbers will be assigned with the prefix of the primary breeder.

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