The self rat, genetically H/H, is also referred to as non-spotted (Roy Robinson, The Genetics of the Norway Rat). It is considered a marking but is actually a lack of (white) markings. A rat can be labeled a "self," however, it is the default marking, so when a rat is called, for example, a "black," it is understood that the black rat has no white markings or is a "black self." Rats in the registry won't be labeled as self. It is understood that they are not marked if there is no marking listed.

Self is recognized in all clubs that show rats. Common faults include white hairs on the body and/or white on the feet or toes. These may or may not be disqualifying faults depending on the club you are showing your rats with. For the purposes of NARR, if you are registering a self rat that has some fault (white feet), you can register this rat is a mismarked self if you prefer.

Standards for Self

AFRMA "Entire body consists of the same uniform color." 09/08

RatsPacNW "All one color, no white marks/hairs." 09/08

RSA "Absence of white markings.  The self rat shall be all one color with no white hairs.  Color shall be to the skin unless otherwise dictated by color standard." 09/08

URSA "Rat shall be all one color displaying no markings." 09/08

(above) Russian Blue

(above) Russian Blue

(above) Russian Blue Agouti

(above) Black

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