NARR Virtual Tour

Welcome to NARR's VirtualTour.  Here you will get an idea of what NARR looks like andwhat it can be used for.  Note that the screens are edited to save space;therefore, the entire screen is not viewable.

From the search screen youwill enter your search criteria. This can be a rat's name, rattery prefix, typesuch as 'Russian Blue Dumbo', and even the studbook number.  See the sample of a searchscreen below.

Below are the results for asearch on 'LMR Bilbo'.  I am given the full name of the rat followed bytype, sex, registration number, studbook number, date of birth, date of death,cause of death, inbreeding coefficient, breeder/owner, and then any healthnotes.  If a field is blank, then that information has not yet beenprovided.  In this example Bilbo Baggins has not yet died or the owner has not reported the death.  Below arethe options offered by the database such as a photo of the rat, a pedigree viewwith or without links to related rats, breeding info, trial pedigree, and areverse pedigree.  

Clicking on the Breeding Infolink, I am provided with additional information.  I'm given fullinformation of the rat's sire and dam.  This is an excellent place to checkfor health notes on a rat that you are planning to breed.  You are giveninformation not only for the parents but also for siblings and halfsiblings.  Provided that updates have been made by breeders/owners, this offers endless information.

Breeding Info will also tellyou how many times the rat has been bred, to which rat and a listing of thoseoffspring.  Here is listing of one of Bilbo's litters.

Example of Bilbo's pedigreewith links:

Example of Bilbo's reversepedigree.  This lists the offspring of a chosen rat and their offspring.

We hope that you have enjoyedthis special look into the NARR database and look forward to having you as a member soon.


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